Family, Identity & Aging with Chutzpah

"Make a stand, put your best foot forward...and don't take any crap!"  – Bubbeh Lee, from film

This Emmy-nominated documentary is a hilarious portrait of an extraordinary, ordinary grandmother and a touching account of her grandson's search for his place in the world. Whether taking daily excursions to the grocery store to return under-ripe produce or sharing hard-won wisdom over blintzes on Rosh Hashanah, Lee Abrahams is a woman who lives life on her own terms. For her grandson, a young gay man born to a Jewish mother and Protestant father, 87-year old bubbeh Lee is a vital link to self and cultural identity, and to unconditional love and acceptance. As the two of them relate feelings of love lost or hidden, kibbitz about strategies for shopping, and avoid meddling matchmakers, the strength of their bond emerges.

A spirited reflection aging, identity, alienation and acceptance, this already classic film examines the legacies passed through generations and shows that the journey of self-discovery can begin at any age.  (1996, 35 min.)

Funny and poignant... a portrait of a complex and rich relationship.”
— Video Librarian

Andy Abrahams Wilson

Andy Abrahams Wilson
Ron Ward

Emmy Award Nomination
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Outstanding Documentary
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Best Documentary
CINE/Colorlab Awards

Certificate of Distinguished Achievement
International Documentary Association

Best Documentary Short
Silver Images Film Festival