"Much more meaningful and lesson-filled than the 'multicultural education' texts being used in most classrooms... a wonderful, touching film that will inspire and encourage viewers to think more deeply about their own roots and how these inform the way they experience the world."
– Paul Gorski, School of Education, University of Virginia

"A wonderful film... exemplifies that one is never too young or old to learn or adapt. A great film for programming with diverse communities and for intergenerational studies. An important addition in both public and academic libraries."
– Vincent P. Andrzejewski, Audiovisual Manager, St. Louis County Library

"Very warm and touching... a simple treasure."
– The Hollywood Reporter

"Warm, intimate and funny!"
– TV Guide

"Funny and poignant... a portrait of a complex and rich relationship."
– Video Librarian

"You'll be laughing with disbelief at her chutzpah... Bubbeh Lee not only shows a grandmother giving it straight to her sweet and patient gay grandson, but speaks volumes on identity, generational issues, culture and family."
– Kimberly Yutani, Southern Voice

"Beautifully made... should be required for every parent and grandparent who has just discovered their gay [grand]son's or daughter's sexual orientation."
– John Mandes, Out Front Colorado

"Sensitive and lighthearted... an excellent example of how the closeness of family can break through intolerance and misunderstandings about lesbians and gay men."
– Don Romesberg, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

"Enormously funny and poignant... the finely-honed rituals of Jewish eating, matchmaking, and the high art of fruit picking (and return of unwanted produce) are masterfully documented."
– Marlene Roberts, The Jewish Journal

"A loving and powerfully moving film." (Four Stars)
– Dan Avery, Washington, DC Metro Weekly

"Delightful and enlightening... a moving look at the importance of knowing our family history."
– Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Plenty of sweetness and humor... if you have a Jewish grandmother--or just know one--it's required viewing."
– John Blanco, Bay Area Reporter

"Priceless!... the affection leaps off the screen... a star will be born tonight at age 89!"
– Tom Jicha, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

"The joy it brings and the undeniable love it exudes is contagious... Bubbeh touches a chord because she is celebration and remorse, fragility and strength, tenderness and toughness and, mostly, honesty."
– Sheila Nevins, Senior Vice-President, HBO

"Skillfully provides a portraiture of a family dynamic... this one is a winner."
– Jack Fertig, San Francisco Bay Times

"A fascinating look at a spunky old lady... Bubbeh Lee will leave a lasting impression."
– Myrna Rubinstein, TV Host Magazine

"A moving statement... a guaranteed crowd pleaser."
– Andrew Alexander, ETC

"A loving portrait."
– Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle