"What an incredibly beautiful film! I don't know that I have ever seen a more moving depiction of loss. I am astonished!"

"A beautiful, lyrical, visual poem. It is a film that demands attention."

"Hauntingly beautiful as it leaves a startlingly profound mark upon the heart of the observer."

"Award winning stuff here-by all participants."

"The video is fantastic. Filming completely underwater is a fresh new idea which adds to the ethereal feel of the entire video. The subject matter is well chosen, because when an intimate relationship dies, it does feel like part of you dies with it."

"The cinematography is outstanding. The visuals are stunning. The portrayal of a loving and abusive relationship is effective in the 'drowning-like' sequences."

"This little gem is compelling! The fluidity of the movement is at once disquieting and lovely. I found the characters' mute struggle an excellent reference of the the hushed and hidden violence between couples behind numerous closed doors. Wonderful cinematography!"

"Terrific cinematography, music, and 'feel'. This is a very talented filmmaker."

"Another outstanding film by someone who has consistently done great work. More people need to see this."

"Eerily beautiful."