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The Fight to End the Korean Dog Meat Trade

Each year, tens of millions of dogs are farmed or stolen, and then slaughtered for food throughout Asia. In Korea, cultural myths assert that a tortuous and painful death enhances the taste of the meat and the "stamina" of the men who eat it. This increasingly stigmatized trade has become a flashpoint in South Korea, where some believe the Asian custom originated, and where cultural and generational shifts have drawn entrenched battle lines. 

DOG WAR follows a team of unlikely American special ops vets as they join forces with Korean activists to stop the lucrative and powerful dog meat trade. Employing commando practices mostly undercover, they enter and disrupt this shadow world, saving one or hundreds of dogs at a time, and helping to transform an industry and country. Leaving behind families and critics that question their motives and tactics, they risk it all to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves. DOG WAR goes behind the scenes as the battle unfolds, looking at the complex forces that pit dogs' lives against human livelihood, and revealing haunting truths about our breach of contract with man's best friend.

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Andy Abrahams Wilson

Associate Producer
Ryan White

Executive Producer
Lynn Rosa