"The [film's] images and words define life, disease and death with utter sincerity, elemental simplicity, brave spirituality, and great beauty... an important film."
– Philip Yenawine, Former Director of Education, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

"Stunning!...the most eloquent expression of spirituality in the dying process ever captured on screen."
– Bobb Goldsteinn, Media Presenter/Curator, "Artists Caught on Film"

"Very few films have the capacity to hold the truth about death, dying, grief and loss. HOPE's heart-rending truth rings clear across the chasm of death--creating a bridge for each of us. Heartily recommended."
– Janet Childs, Founding Member & Director of Education, The Center for Living with Dying

"The most powerful example of the dying process I've ever seen. It expresses the emotional journey of care-taking a loved one with extraordinary honesty and compassion. A truly beautiful film."
– Gail Jarson, MA, NCBF, Art/Grief Therapist

"This may be the most exquisite video I have ever seen. In the layers and layers of poetry where music touches movement touches voice and word and story -- something happens in the space between what is unsayable, and utterly said. Wherever the camera touches, the eye sees not only life turned to poetry in that moment, but somehow all life dying and living itself is recognized as poetry as well."
– Kim Rosen, Poet/Lecturer

"An extraordinary tribute to the courage of those who have shown such grace when confronted with AIDS. Both emotionally and visually stunning, this film about a man who turns his lover's death into an act of love and art is not to be missed."
– Patrick Moore, Director, The Estate Project for Artists with AIDS

"...The synergy [of imagery and poetry] is palpable... this beautifully lensed film is recommended." (3 stars)
– Video Librarian

"A poignant portrait... offers a lasting legacy of loving and learning to let go. A testament to triumphing over tragedy."
– Library Journal

"Unflinchingly honest and dazzlingly beautiful... celebrates the art and courage of the human spirit."
– Lucy R. Lippard, Author "Get the Message? A Decade of Art for Social Change"

"A wonderful work of art... an elegy that grieves for the passing and at the same time is inspiring and moving in its spirituality. The visuals and music work seamlessly to convey the lyrical quality of the piece."
– Sue Fan, Assistant Director, UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance

"Demonstrates how we can convert an otherwise tragic occurrence into a positive healing experience. Beautifully arranged and narrated... the video can generate important discussions."
– Teaching Sociology, American Sociological Association

"A powerful and poetic tribute to one man's lost lover and to the freedom that is possible when we move toward our grief."
– Frank Ostaseski, Founding Director, Zen Hospice Project

"Outstanding!...a 'must-see' for anyone involved in end-of-life care, as the film artistically allows the viewer to begin to grasp the complexities of the dying process."
– Roland Hulstein, MSW, Bereavement Services, Hospice of Northern California

"Visually and emotionally beautiful. It teaches both the grief that comes in anticipating the death of a partner or friend, as well as the grief that comes later. Extremely useful in working with groups and in teaching situations."
– John D. Morgan, PhD, Professor Emeritus/Director, King's College Centre for Education about Death and Bereavement