Vengeance & Justice in the Caribbean

"Whoever destroy she, I leave them to Almighty God. God will plead her case. Show some sign of wonders to the one who destroy she."  – Resident of Mesopatamia

A young mother, much loved in her hometown of Mesopotamia, St. Vincent, is brutally shot to death in this poor Caribbean village the day before she is to give court testimony against a man accused of raping her. Circumstances point to the accused rapist as the killer, but he is set free for lack of evidence. The townsfolk and victim's family talk poignantly about their fears and their longing for justice, both vigilante and divine. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," originating in ancient Mesopotamia, takes on modern-day meaning in a forgotten village of the same name.  (2005, 15 min.)

Captivates the viewer from the first moment!
— Barbados Int'l Fim Festival

Andy Abrahams Wilson

Produced in Association with
Windsor Mountain International

Best Documentary
Barbados International Film Festival

Moondance International Film Festival