"Age trumps...in Andy Abrahams Wilson's profile of the free-spirited postmodernist Anna Halprin at 80."
 – The New York Times

"Gorgeously shot!...a profile of a great postmodern innovator."
 – The LA Times

"A remarkable look at a remarkable artist, a woman past 80 who's been innovating in dance for more than half a century."
 – The Village Voice

"A triumph! This stirring production paints the screen with vibrant strokes of emotion, creating a palpable on-screen sense of joy and communion... Stunningly photographed, [the film] is an elegant treatise on death as it is in nature: dynamic, and inextricably interwoven with life."
 – Gatherings, International Community for Ecopsychology

"Extraordinary! Visual and visceral...a great piece of work. I feel reborn after watching this film."
 – KPFA Radio

"Beautifully filmed and choreographed in some of the most scenic locales, this thought-provoking presentation... demonstrates the importance of honoring the human body and the earth body. Dancers, cancer survivors, and nature lovers especially will respect the message."
 – Booklist

"Wilson's poetry of form, word, silence and story ignites within us an awakening to the preciousness of the natural environment: its revelation, its devastation and the roots of both that pulse deep inside our relationship to our own bodies."
 – Kim Rosen, Poet/Teacher

"A beautiful and deeply moving film of dance and nature, informed by the wisdom and life force of Anna Halprin."
 – Harvey Lichtenstein, Brooklyn Academy of Music

"An amazing discovery! I fell in love with the quality and tenderness of approach. We do not often see this type of sensitivity. A great work™a stimulating resource for dance, film and visual arts programs."
 – Simone Ferro, Dance Professor, University of Wisconsin

"Stunning! The haunting minimalist score and lush cinematography enhance this documentary... For all dance collections and larger performance art collections."
 – Library Journal

"A memorable and affectionate portrait...a poignant narrative of the fragile, fleeting existence and contradictory meanings of an aging female body."
 – Janice Ross, Ph.D., Dance Division, Stanford University

"A poetic look at the legendary dancer/choreographer/shaman [Anna Halprin]...in her 80s. Rarely has an artist striven so mightily to put herself in touch with the earth's inner rhythms."
 – Isthmus

"Utterly sublime, with images that are simultaneously powerful and tender."
 – Diário da Manhã (Brazil)

"A visually stunning film that will release the dancer and nature lover inside."
- Planet In Focus

"Esquisite and uplifting."
 – Santa Fe Film Festival

"A stunning work...a film to celebrate."
 – Deirdre Towers, Dance Films Association