Bringing Life into Balance

Many people would agree that our culture is less and less nurturing of life. We are busy people–-disconnected and looking externally for meaning. We have forgotten about the sacred, forgotten the importance of listening and the qualities of compassion, introspection and acceptance which are feminine capacities--those things that provide sustenance and connection. This disconnection has a great impact on us all and is reflected in the way we treat each other, the earth and other beings. We witness reports showing us that we are broken, but few go to the root to ask the question, why? How did we get here and what can we do?

AS SHE IS explores how we as a culture have separated from our natural way of relating, lost the capacity to listen inward, and forgotten respect for the relationship to the symbolic nature of life and the natural world. It is a journey to understand, reclaim and live life as an authentic and balanced human being. In the film we talk to elders and leaders to get a sense of how to reclaim the feminine and live these aspects of ourselves in a balanced relationship to the masculine. It is at once a very personal and individual journey and also every person's journey, for we are all simply a microcosm of the macrocosm. 

AS SHE IS shines the light on an issue that underpins many of our social and environmental problems and shows us that the path to a balanced future is something to be discovered within.  (2015, 40 min.)

An Open Eye Pictures sponsored project

A beautiful, heartfelt film that takes viewers on a journey towards healing and wholeness.
— Tracy Cochran, Parabola Magazine

Megan McFeely

Eva Ilona Brzeski

Supervising Producer
Andy Abrahams Wilson

Best Debut Documentary
Female Eye Film Festival